Cloud File Storage

Websites to Store Your Files in the Cloud

Many websites will give you one gigabyte (or more) of free space in their cloud to store your files.  If you need more storage, you can request it. The cost is often surprisingly low. If your needs increase again, you can increase your storage capacity (and the fee).  If you need less space, you can lower your storage and the cost.

Here are some cloud storage websites to investigate:

Dropbox (  2 gigabytes for free and 50 gigabytes for $9.99 per month (  5 gigabyte for free and 25 gigabytes for $9.95 per month

Google ( 1 gigabyte of free storage.

Note that you can’t judge the value of a storage site solely by how much you pay per gigabyte.  Some sites have special features that might be worth paying extra.



One thought on “Cloud File Storage

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